Privacy policy

Xperion Informatikai Szolgáltató Kft. (henceforward Xperion as website available by its domain name (henceforward the website operator hereby publishes all information, regulations and even data management principles on privacy statements connected to the website and its related services.

By the beginning of using the website, all website visitors and users (henceforward as the User) are able to accept all conditions contained the exact Statement that is why please carefully read through this Privacy Policy before using the website.

Details of data management

The management of data is the website operator as Xperion Informatikai Szolgáltató Kft (henceforward as data management)

  • Seat: 1087 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 76.
  • Company registration number: 01-09-290529
  • E-mail address:
  • Data management registration number: NAIH-87885/2015
  • Tax number: 25812705-2-42

Users might give information about themselves at the website in the following two ways:

– expressly indicated information by using the website services even personal data made available (name and e-mail address).

– indicated information given to the data management related to the usage or visit of the website. Data management of all expressly indicated information given by the users.

What kind of personal data should be requested?

When subscribing to newsletters

  • Full name
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number

People over 16 are exclusively entitled to give data at the website

The purpose and duration of data management

Data management could use some data in order to provide services available at the website so especially for the following purposes:

  • providing services available at the website efficiently;
  • keeping contact, which primary goal is to inform the users completely, managing all possibly occurring technical problems efficiently and quickly, giving an answer to send message by the User according to the point moreover, notifying about new blog stories, posts in case the User has requested according to point 1 (f);
  • managing and performing of all existed orders and applications done at the website, delivering the ordered products for Users and keeping contact with Users on the basis of orders and instructions;
  • settling disputes revealed in accordance with the usage of the website;
  • requesting for electronic newsletters in order to popularise the Xperion products, services, and promotions as well as including professional materials; other commercial messages and business purposes (together hereinafter: sending newsletters in case the User has given explicit consent during its period and by the withdrawal;
  • the User has given explicit consent simultaneously to receive direct marketing messages;
  • data management is able to handle with all personal data during the existence of the purpose of data management so first of all, it handles them during the existence of legal relationship with the exact User – finally, at the end of the period all data given and related to the User will be deleted – even while the User does not want to delete his/her data or withdraw the consent.

The legal basis of personal data management

In some cases, management, store and forward of the given data are obliged by legal regulations. From this fact in each case, the data management will separately inform everybody concerned. Users are exclusively able to give their own personal data at the website. In case they will put other data not only private ones, the informant is obliged to serve the exact person’s agreement.

The User’s rights on the basis of managed data

By the request of User, the data management gives information about all private data managed, even their sources, purposes, legal base, duration furthermore, getting knowledge about the legal base of data transmission and recipient in case of an exact person’s private data transmission has occurred. Information can be provided by e-mail – use the following address: -, supplying self-identification and mailing address in each case. Data management should answer in writing within at least 30 (thirty) days from the receipt of application.

The User disagrees with the management of his/her own private data

  • if the management or forward of private data are necessary for the performance of legal obligations related to only data management or for enforcing legitimate interests of data management, data importer or a third person except in case of compulsory data handling;
  • if the usage or forward of private data is done according to the purposes of direct marketing, public opinion polling or scientific researchers even in other cases defined by law.

The data management will examine the disagreement as promptly as but at most within 15 days from the receipt of application. After making a decision, the applicant will be informed in writing. If the User disagrees with the data management or if the above-mentioned duration is missed, the User could go to court from the notification of decision or within 30 days from the last day of the period.

What kind of information could we collect in accordance with the usage of a website?

In case the User specifically does not want to give private data or information on the basis of written in the part I., the data management will not be provided to manage or handle with some private data related to the User, being personally identified.

By visiting the website, every User contributes that the data management could use cookies in relation to the website served by external suppliers in order to fix some data, information written in part II. of this Statement.

Such data are exactly the data of User’s computer, which are generated while using the website and which are fixed as an automatic result of technical processes by cookies used at the website. By visiting or rather logging off the website, the system is able to audit all data becoming fixed automatically without the User’s special statement or action.

These data are not connected with other private user ones namely the User cannot be identified on the basis of them. These data are only available for external suppliers that are especially managing the cookies and also for data management.

Data management is exclusively using the cookies of external suppliers (Google, Facebook) at the website. Cookies are short text files, which are sent to the User’s hard disk by the website, including information related to the User.

The data management is able to resort to services of Google Analytics system in relation to the website. Cookies, handled by Google Analytics, can support to measure and define the number of users online and other web analytics data. Gathered information by cookies gets into external servers operated by Google in order to be forwarded and stored. Google first uses these information in favour of data management to monitor the attendance of the website, making an analysis of activities done there. Google is entitled to forward these information to a third person in case legal provisions make it mandatory.

Furthermore, Google is entitled to forward these data to a third person used in order to data processing. Google Analytics could provide explanations about all data managed by Google Analytics – Advertisements of data management are presented at websites by external suppliers (Google, Facebook). These external suppliers like Google or Facebook are able to store with the help of cookies that whether the User has made an attendance at the data management website before – based, personalized on this – to represent some advertisements to the User. Actually, remarketing activity is running.

In case of the usage of Google cookies are refused, with the help of ad settings they could be blocked (for further information: The users also might block cookies of external suppliers at the unsubscribe page of Network Advertising Initiative (

For data management of the above mentioned external suppliers, privacy policy regulations – defined by these suppliers – are the normative and in relation to such data handling, the data management takes no responsibility.

How should these information be used?

All gathered data collected by the above-mentioned technologies cannot be used in order to identify the User even the data management will not connect these data with any others which might be possibly convenient to recognize. The primary goal of applying such data is that the website should be operated efficiently by the data management. To reach it, the key point is to track attendance data, examining the website or to realize possibly misuse related to the usage of the website.

In addition to the above, the data management might use these information to analyse consumption tendencies as well as improve and develop the website functions furthermore, gain extensive traffic data about how to use the website entirely.

The data management could also use all gathered information to make statistics related to the usage of website even analyse and forward some statistic data, which are non appropriate for identification, (for example, the number of visitors, mostly visited topics and contents) to a third person and make them public totally in anonymous way.

Possibility to turn cookies off

In case you would not like to collect many information written above from you in relation to the usage of the website, you have the possibility to turn cookies off partly or completely in the settings of web browser or by the way you have the chance to modify the settings of cookie messages.

Cookies settled by the third person

The website may contain such information especially advertisements, which are derived from the third person or advertising suppliers, not being connected with Xperion. It also occurs that the third person is able to settle cookies, web beacons onto the user’s computer or similar technologies are applied to gather some data in order to send absolutely addressed advertising messages about their own services. In such cases for data management, privacy policy regulations, defined by the third person, are the normative and in relation to such data handling, the data management takes no responsibility.


Xperion takes no responsibility for contents of external websites available even it is not liable for practical protection of data and information. If Xperion becomes aware of its linked page or linking could infringe the third person’s rights or existing laws, all links should be removed from the website without delay.

Data protection

The data management is obliged himself/herself to take care of data protection moreover, do all technical and organizational measurements, form those rules of procedures that provide each collected, stored and managed data is secured even prevent data from destruction, unauthorized usage, and change. In addition, he/she is also entitled to inform every single third person, to whom data could be given or forwarded according to users’ contributions, in order to comply with all data protection requirements.

The data management provides that any incompetent person not to have access for any managed data, make it public or forward even modify or delete them. All managed data, are exclusively known by data management or colleagues, performing data processing, should not be given to a third person who is not provided by the entitlement of knowing them.

The User recognizes and agrees in case of giving some private data at the website, nothing can guarantee their complete protection online despite Xperion does possess developed, up-to-date security devices to prevent unauthorized access or scour about any data. It still will occur in spite of unauthorized access or all efforts undertaken related to data understanding, Xperion has no responsibility for acquiring such data, accessing them improperly or any damage caused for these reasons concerning to the User. Furthermore, the User might also give some private data to the third person who would like to use them for unlawful goals or through illicit means.

The data management does not gather any special data under no circumstances, therefore, such data which refer to racial origin, membership of national and ethnic minorities, political opinion or affiliation, religious or other philosophical beliefs, organisation for the representation of interests, health condition, pathological addiction, sexual life or previous criminal record.

It is essential from the aspect of data protection to log off the website after its usage by all means in case of using and browsing on common computers in public places. If you might visit our website through your own computer, depending on the application for some time it will stay logged in. In this case, you should be attentive to refuse the access to computer by unknown people or implement transactions on the behalf of you.

For this Statement, the Hungarian law especially Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information law is normative. The data management reserves the right to modify this Statement anytime, giving prior notification to people concerned unilaterally.